Makole Group, a diverse multi-disciplinary property and infrastructure development company, is looking to make a meaningful investment in the FinTech sector.

Knowing that rapid technological advancements are leaving many in South Africa behind, the company is providing capital to start-ups with innovative and sustainable ideas about how South Africans from all walks of life can participate and play a meaningful role in our economy.

About 32% of South Africans don’t have bank accounts or access to the formal financial sector. Makole Group, founded by South African entrepreneur Ndavhe Marede, is looking to solve the problem of physical cash and financial exclusion in South Africa with a disruptive FinTech idea that will change the face of the sector.

FinTech startups that have begun their journey in the sector are invited to pitch their ideas and outline the kind of investment they are seeking in the form of a written brief (maximum five pages), and a short video (maximum five minutes) or a link to their website.

Submissions can be sent to or click here to learn more.

Here’s to changing the world.