A truly South African, dynamic, enterprising and progressive organisation, Boniswa Corporate Solutions was founded in 2004 by entrepreneurial businesswoman Lynette Masaga. Top Empowerment sat down with this formidable female to discuss the organisation’s vision for transformation.

Lynette Magasa’s journey leading up to her founding Boniswa Corporate Solutions has been an interesting one. “My journey has enabled me to learn and to understand that it’s okay to stay in my own lane – to chase legacy rather than success,” she says. “I used to love answering the telephone and whenever I said ‘Hello,’ it brought a smile to my face. I suppose the infinite power of the universe turned my passion and dreams into a reality.”

The telecommunications sector is fastchanging, so staying grounded and focused is key, says Lynette. “I have learnt through my journey that although no one can go back and make a brand new start, one can always pause, start again and make a brand new ending.” Commenting on the ethos behind Boniswa Corporate Solutions, she says that the company’s distinguishing character is its passion, respect for fellow colleagues and clients, staying humble and having the constant drive to be the best in everything it does.

She notes that one of her biggest challenges on this journey has been keeping the company afloat at times. However, over the years, they have managed to turn this challenge into success by being innovative and adaptable. “Challenges help you to dream more. We have been in operation since 2004 and over the years the company has experienced consistent growth.”

When speaking about the status quo of transformation – from both a technological and human resources perspective – Lynette says that there are many exciting things happening in the telecommunications sector. “This is quite a momentous time for the sector as we are at the precipice of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). At Boniswa, we want to be found among those prepared and ready.”

History, she notes, has shown that transformation should be at the heart of the country’s objectives. “Lack of transformation stifles growth and eventually makes for extinct businesses and ideas. Both the private and public sector should make it their mandate to realise our country’s transformation goals – the 4IR demands this more than ever before.”

Noting some of the company’s own transformation objectives, Lynette says Boniswa’s goals are aligned to its vision. “We have always been of the view that our goals should speak to our current state and projects. We want to improve network connectivity in the deep rural areas of South Africa in the next three to five years.”

She also says that partnering with all operators to ensure connectivity in these areas, is an imperative for the company.

“Boniswa’s vision is to bridge the digital divide and contribute towards the 4IR by partnering with both the public and private sectors.”