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Qunu Staffing is an interdisciplinary end-to-end human capital solutions company – working with you to build an expert team of talent that your business demands. Based in the economic capital of Johannesburg, we are best positioned to fuel any company across the national landscape with their ultimate staffing team. Centred on people, business, and development, we strive to offer turnkey staffing solutions that propel your business towards success. Committed to building business and community, Qunu Staffing strives to achieve optimal results that execute our clients’ vision whilst adding value to a national call for advancement. We aim to build sustainable and favourable relationships for our clients, candidates, and stakeholders.

Established in 2016, Qunu Staffing expertly exercises precision and foresight in identifying talent, value, and practical solutions. With a level 1 B-BBEE rating, due to a 49% black women ownership and 51% Black Designated Group (Black Youth Disabled) ownership, we embody transformative leadership in delivering reliable and efficient solutions. Qunu Staffing is dedicated to constructing a sustainable and skilful workforce – retaining talent and achieving business success. Boasting of human resources and capital expertise, we work with our clients to build diversified teams that deliver value.


Outsourced Employment Solutions
• Temporary Employment Solutions
• Human Resources and Industrial Relations Services
• Payroll Services
Disability Management Solutions
Recruitment Services Solutions
Skills Development Solution
• Learnerships and Training

Our Core values are cantered on, Development, Customer Satisfaction, Innovation and Diversity.

The pillars of our philosophy are founded on principles of professionalism, longevity, and development. We believe that these principles work together to forge a company of strength in collaboration, innovation, and distinction – making us relentless in our pursuit of excellence.

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