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Aberdare Cables is Southern Africa’s largest and leading supplier of intelligent energy inter­ connection products and services in Africa. Established in 1946, the company offers cable designs, product development, installation support, commissioning and diagnostic testing through their engineering service division. In 2021, Aberdare Cables celebrated its 75th Anniversary and since its humble beginnings, the organisation has grown significantly through mergers and acquisitions. In 2016, Aberdare Cables was acquired by Hengtong as a majority shareholder. The Hengtong group operates in 147 countries, with 11 overseas manufacturing bases and owns 7 brands, including Aberdare.

Our Empowerment partner, Golden Consortium Africa (Pty) Ltd, is a 100% women-owned consortium and has a 25.1% shareholding in Aberdare (South African operations). Empowerdex ratings places Aberdare Cables at a Level 1 broad­ based black economic empowerment company and is 55% black owned with 30% black-women ownership. Aberdare Cables has two manufacturing sites, Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. Aberdare Cables headquarters is in Meadowdale, Gauteng. The Meadowdale facility serves as a centralised distribution to South Africa to enable reduced lead times.

The company offers cable and cabling solutions to the mining, utility, building, construction, large industry, renewable energy, retail, original-equipment manufacturer, agriculture and transport sectors.

The company’s 40 000 m2 Stanford road facility in Port Elizabeth was the original Aberdare site and manufactures XLPE medium and high voltage cables, paper insulated lead covered medium voltage cables, overhead conductors, medium voltage aerial bundled conductor (ABC) and large low voltage PVC mains cables.

The 32 300 m 2 Aberdare Pietermaritzburg facility manufactures low voltage ABC, Rubber trailing cables and Nitrile welding cables. As well as low voltage cables compromising of wiring cables: Housewire, Surfix®, Flat twin, and earth cables. The range also includes Armadac® and Airdac® and Saferdac® cables as well as the Flamosafe® range of PVC and XLPE insulated armoured and unarmoured cables.

In addition to its product offering, Aberdare has opened the HV cable offering to initially supply the traditionally accepted (CSA) Corrugated Seamless Aluminum Sheathed cable and plans to add alternative designs and improvements to its portfolio.

As a cable manufacturer for over 76 years, we know that quality and reliability of cable systems and risk mitigation are of primary importance to our customers. For this reason, Aberdare’s plan to enter the HV market was carefully considered, so as to uphold these standards and principals.

The company has amongst the most highly trained and experienced employees in the industry. As a technology leader, it is driven by cutting-edge Research and Development (R&D), providing world-class innovative solutions, processes, products and customer service.

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