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The African Financial Group (AFG) was founded in 2001 at the dawn of the “African Century” and the first decade of African economic growth. AFG initially focused on advisory services, deal-structuring and financing in the health sector. The establishment of AFG catalyzed the participation in transactions in both listed and unlisted entities. AFG further created an incubation platform for start-up innovations in clinical trials and diagnostic centers. This helped expand participation in health care delivery beyond South African borders to Southern and West Africa. AFG’s Pan African strategy has since diversified into:

• Investments and Advisory
• Healthcare
• Wealth
• Risk Services

AFG has established global partnerships and aligns its investee companies in Wealth, Asset Management and Stockbroking with its transformative growth agenda in the African Continent. Investee companies include BayHill Capital and the Consilium Group.

BayHill Capital

Since 1994 there has been a significant increase in net black wealth in South Africa yet there is a serious gap of market offering for wealth growth and reinvestment for the socioeconomic benefit in predominantly black communities. To address this, and to re-engineer the South African economy, BayHill Capital has stepped into the void. “We are going to drive economic transformation by leveraging black capital,” explains Dr Gil Mahlati,
Chairman of BayHill Capital and its majority shareholder, African Financial Group (AFG). “Our transformation portfolios focus on actively managed share portfolios that invest in BEE schemes, private equity (where appropriate), and invest in and promote emerging

Consilium Group

Consilium Capital SA (Pty) Limited offers the opportunity to actively advance transformation in the South African financial services sector and increase the ownership and management of the firm by black people.
AFG Philosophy is based on playing our part in Africa’s well being and sustainable
development whilst creating wealth and productive participation in the global economy. Our strategies align with the goals of the African continent including the African industrialist vision.



Overall BEE Status Level 1

Procurement Level – 135%

Black Empowerment:
Shareholding (%): >50.1%
Total staff (%): >50.1%
Executive directors / senior management (%): >50.1%
Gender Empowerment:
Shareholding (%): > 25.1%–50%
Executive directors/senior management (%): >50.1%
Total staff (%): >50.1%
Rating date: 20/11/2015

Rating date: 20/11/2015
Verified by: Octagon Empowerment

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