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Buhle Waste (Pty) Ltd. is a 100% percent Black owned company that was established in 1997, by Dr P. D. Sekete, to focus on integrated waste management. The company initially specialised in the collection and disposal of general, domestic waste. Buhle Waste, using the few resources available to an establishing business, set about collecting and disposing of waste at the behest of the Ekurhuleni Local Municipality. The resources included 5 trucks, 15 in-field personnel (5 truck drivers, 2 assistants per truck) and 3 in-office staff (General Manager, Administrative Assistant and Operations Manager). Buhle Waste was assigned, by the allocated Government tender, to operate in the East Rand of Johannesburg due to its limited scale and scope. However, with an increasing population came an increasing consumption, resulting in the increasing demand for waste collection and disposal. Thus, the need for an increase in supply was necessary; expansion of the company was imminent.


As Buhle Waste continued to provide a highly-valued service to our clients we were recognised for the excellent service that was inherent in our business model and began to grow. We increased our trucks and added more in-field personnel – eventually we grew to include 70 employees at the mini-dump sites across the Ekurhuleni municipality.


Not only did Buhle Waste (Pty) Ltd. expand in scale – the number of trucks and staff – but in scope – the type of waste – as well. Therefore, in a bid to combine the needs of the municipality and the medical expertise of the founding Doctor with his passion for public and environmental cleanliness and safety, Buhle Waste expanded to the collection and disposal of medical waste. The company, through a contract with the Gauteng Department of Health, began collecting and disposing of medical waste from allocated Government hospitals in the Gauteng region. Furthermore, the company began servicing private institutions such as doctors’, private clinics, veterinary hospitals, mortuaries and the like.


Due to Buhle Waste’s focus on high quality and reliable waste management services, in addition to its drive for public health and safety, the company increased its operation’s base to include the other provinces in South Africa. This enabled Buhle Waste to be inclusive in providing a flexible, cost-effective service that will essentially benefit all South Africans. Currently, Buhle Waste collects the medical waste for 5 out of the 9 provinces’ Departments of Health. In addition, we employ over 350 staff members, boast a fleet of more than 70 trucks from 7 depots, and operate 3 waste treatment facilities nationwide.


The constant expansion of Buhle Waste (Pty) Ltd. would be irrelevant without a vision and mission towards a more sustainable modus operandi with regards to environmental and public safety. Thus, in lieu of the growing environmental concerns, we set out on a mission to reduce our waste to landfill as well as our emissions through the transport of waste. We have invested in the research and development of more innovative ways to dispose of waste whilst ensuring the safety of the environment and the public at large. The current methods of disposing of waste, such as incineration, release vast quantities of harmful toxins into the atmosphere. Consequently, newer and safer methods have been developed for the treatment and disposal of waste. Our mission is to reduce the harmful toxins released in the atmosphere – we have invested in green, non-burn technologies that are capable of effectively treating waste without air emissions. We further aim to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the environment – we have focussed on technologies that can be easily stored and utilised for on-site waste treatment. Moreover, we are investing in on-site waste treatment that has the capability to convert waste into energy – this will eliminate waste by-products and assist in addressing the pressing energy issues in Southern Africa. In so doing, we aim to achieve, as a company, zero waste to landfill by 2030. We believe in a sustainable ecosystem that looks to address the challenges we face in Africa and our responsibility to the environment. In order to complement our vision and aims, we have embarked on an education campaign that is intended to inform the public of ways in which the individual and organisation can be more environmentally responsible through private and small-scale waste management. Therefore, by investing in green technologies, Buhle Waste (Pty) Ltd. will take a step towards a greener and cleaner South Africa. And by educating and assisting individuals and organisations to be more environmentally aware, South Africa will take a step towards a greener and cleaner Planet.


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