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Covenant Logistics is an independent, South African owned, transport and clearing & forwarding company. With our head office situated in Durban, South Africa, we are well positioned to offer an extensive range of services to the Airfreight, Sea Freight and Road Freight industry.

Cost Effective Logistics Solutions
Employing over 24 years experience In the freight industry, Covenant Logistics has mastered the techniques of cost effective logistics solutions. In our efforts to remain at the forefront of the international shipping industry we have gained exceptional knowledge, experience and insight. In tum, this has benefited our clients in that we keep them up-to-date on critical industry changes that may affect their businesses.

Customer Service Excellence
We have been in the industry long enough to know that Customer Service Excellence is the most important contributing factor to our success in maintaining the long-term relationships we have with our clients. Contact us to find out more about our free consultation service. Covenant Logistics is unique in that, not only are we a clearing and forwarding agent, we have a specialised In-house transport unit. This means that all of your Logistics needs can be met under one roof!

Our services specifically Include:
> Imports and Exports (both air and sea freight)
> Door-to-door services
> Full container movements
> Communications
> Satellite Tracking
> Road transport within South Africa, and Cross Border
> Container management and reporting
> Non-containerized cargo

Powered by determination, guided by integrity, we help our clients achieve their most challenging goals.

Covenant Logistics established business in 2005 to meet a gap in the market when prospective clients could not find reliable transporters to move their containerised goods between Durban and Johannesburg and Durban Local Areas. The problem was the transmission of reliable information, a delivery plan and reasonable estimated delivery time. Transporters were available but communication was poor.

As a result of assessing the needs for additional income for her place of employment at that time, Miranda Dayaram the founder of Covenant Logistics, identified 20 new clients to start a new division. The idea was placed on hold by an immediate director, seen as a “proposal that will never work”.

16 years later, Covenant Logistics performs an improved service, converting 7 of the 20 prospects to clients, with 2 of the 7 clients still on their books… WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT – we can use one word to describe our business – COMMUNICATION… Status reports are sent to clients daily, informing them of instructions received and their status of the cargo, expected vessel arrivals or departures, expected delivery dates, expected delays are communicated as soon as the information is on hand, not restricted to business hours.

Further to our initial business of transport co-ordinators, we registered as a Customs Clearing agent. This has improved our service levels by understanding the customers’ needs and frustrations firsthand, being able to perform an agency service to clients in Johannesburg and Cape Town who require Durban representation, and solving problems with releasing agents before they cost clients unforeseen / unplanned expenses. Additional services include imports and exports via air and sea.

Experience with Medical Supplies to chain stores, returning citizens with motor vehicles and personal effects and explosives such as fireworks and matches are some of the unusual requests that other clearing agents turn down, however we pride ourselves on achieving our client’s MOST CHALLENGING GOALs…

Covenant Logistics continues to perform services that ensure our clients new and old expect as the norm of our business. The problem in specialising with the items that other agents reject is that OUSTANDING becomes the norm therefore there is ZERO TOLERANCE for substandard service.

14 years in business saw the founder, Miranda Dayaram take a break for a year, and walk in again in year 15, amid a pandemic, to improve service offerings. A feather in the cap to ActionCOACH Business Coaching, Trevor Clark who taught Miranda Dayaram to build a business that works without you, but still sustains you, a business based on ActionCOACH principles.

Trevor Clark through ActionCOACH coached Miranda and Rajay Dayaram from a ±R400k loss in 2009 to ±R4000 profit in 2010 and soaring from R4m turnover to over R28m in 10 years. He also facilitated the purchase and sale of their 2nd business, and supported the establishment of their 3rd business, whose income is stable enough to allow a steady income stream and time freedom to enjoy the fruit of their labour before the age of 45.

Thank you, Jesus, for introducing us to ABSA who introduced us to ActionCOACH and Trevor Clark. We have been supported by various entities throughout our business successes, ABSA, First National Bank, SASDC, Enablis, Credit Guarantee, TIKZN, SEDA to name a few. The business was built on a solid foundation of good business ethics and principles and an excellent team over the years. The business grew with the support of Rajay Dayaram, who remained an integral part of the business even while building his own legacy.

Our greatest achievement was the Award for Best Community Impact in 2016, where Covenant Logistics was enabled to sow into the community and link a Special Needs Deaf School with their community.

This is a personal note to our excellent suppliers to maintain the confidentially that Miranda and Rajay have enjoyed over the years and to assure you that the business values of Honesty & Integrity and Respect will be the legacy of Covenant Logistics.

Our personal thanks to every one of our clients and their teams for their loyalty and support to Miranda and Rajay over the years. Without you and your participation, we won’t have the lives we have today. We trust that you will remain with the ship that steered you in the direction that you are in today.

Our greatest asset is our Dream Team, built and changed over the years with every member making an invaluable contribution, which has resulted in the company we have today. Our Team becomes the Family, with values which bind us together to achieve our personal goals, with each other’s assistance.

To the future network of Miranda and Rajay Dayaram, we hope we can do with you the same and even greater than we have achieved before. We are Blessed to Be a Blessing!

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