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Dihlashana Consulting Corporation (DCC) is an Environmental, Occupational Health, Safety Management, Food Safety, and Engineering Consulting Company. DCC is your one stop shop from project planning, construction, and operational phases through to decommissioning and rehabilitation. We provide a comprehensive interlinked service for projects of all sizes through our highly experience team of specialists in various fields. Dihlashana is also involved in the supply and distribution of petroleum products and industrial gases.

Our Services:

1. Environmental Management

• Air Quality Management and Climate Change;
• Water Resource Management;
• Integrated Waste Management;
• Contaminated Land Management;
• Environmental Management Systems;
• Environmental Impact Assessment and Management;
•Auditing and Training.

2. Occupational Health

• Illumination/Lighting;
• Hazardous Chemical Substances;
• Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality;
• Noise and hearing conservation;

3. Safety Management

• Incident investigations (Tripod, Bow-Tie, HAZHOP, HIRA, etc);
• Proactive safety management and Behaviour Based Safety;
• Asset Integrity, process safety, project safety management;
• Risk Management;
• SHE Management Systems;
• Training and Auditing.

4. Food Safety

• Food safety assessment and audits across all the supply chain (Primary Production; Transport Logistics and Trade; Processors, Manufacturers and Suppliers; Retail Services)

5. Engineering
5.1 Fuel Filling Stations (construction, upgrade, decommissioning)

• Construction of new fuel retail service stations (New to Industry);
• Knock Down Rebuilt;
• Upgrading of existing retail service stations;
• Site Decommissioning and Removal of Tanks.

We specialise in the design and installation of retail service stations and convenient stores in accordance with the SABS and Petroleum Industry standards. Activities include:

• Removal of all above ground works
• Removal of old dispensers and pumps, old islands, underground tanks (UGT)
• Trenching to remove all lines (vent, filler, pressure)
• Excavation for new UGT’s
• Shoring, backfilling and compacting of excavation pits and trenches
• Building of new islands
• Installing of all new lines (vent, filler, pressure), new dispensers/pumps, new containment tank and pump sumps, new sleeves for electrical cables, new separator pits)
• Casting of new environmentally acceptable forecourt slab with drainage
• Casting of new jockey slabs over new tank installations

5.2 General Maintenance, Preventative and Corrective Maintenance

We specialize in a wide range of tank alteration and repair services. Activities include:

• Corrosion Management Systems (Pipelines & Piping Systems, Above- and Underground Storage Tanks , Pressure Vessels, Cathodic Protection, Coating Systems )
• Cleaning of Storage Tanks (Cleaning of all types and sizes of the tanks: no gas no sludge)
• Sandblasting and Coating of Storage Tank (Painting and sandblasting of aboveground storage tanks)
• Interior coatings of Storage Tank
• Structural Integrity Assessments
(Inspection, monitoring, lifespan assessments)
• Tank repair (structural damage repair, modification and upgrades of tank floor, floating roofs and complete shell ring replacements

6. Supply of Petroleum Products and Natural Gas

• Dihlashana has obtained a wholesale licence for the supply of petroleum products (diesel, petrol, jet fuel, paraffin, Gas and lubricants).
• Bulk supply of diesel, petrol, jet fuel, paraffin, lubricants and LPG
• Supply of LPG Cylinders
• Supply of Industrial Gasses such as Oxygen, Acetylene, Argon, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, etc.

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