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About Fundi

Since 1996, Fundi has enabled over 1,7 million dreams. In 2000, we pioneered South Africa’s first fund administration smart-card solution, the FundiCard. We have since administered over R3 billion in bursary funds, to over 200 000 students, and over 120 private and public organisations.

Fundi is South Africa’s leading education finance and education fund management solutions specialist. Positioned at the epicentre of technology, education and financial services, we are the single source for all things that enable education and learning.

Fundi provides services to institutions at all levels of the education spectrum, from primary schools, to public and private institutions of higher learning. We have a diversified portfolio of both B2B and B2C clientele.

Fundi’s channel to market includes retail stores, on-line platforms, call-centre capability and face-to- face sales representation with over 200 Fundis serving customers every day.

Our Solutions

Educational Loans

Fundi offers the finance you need for every step of your educational journey, and provides funding for the following:
• Tuition fees for primary and secondary education
• Fees for tertiary education
• Postgraduate qualifications
• Executive education programmes
• Short courses and learning programmes.
Our funding covers the following:
• Study fees • Registration fees • Outstanding balances
• Textbooks • Accommodation • Uniforms and Stationery
• Laptops, tablets and other study tools

Bursary Fund Management

Fundi assists businesses and organisations to administer staff and student bursaries, scholarships and intern funds, providing peace of mind that funds are utilised correctly.

All aspects of finance management are covered to ensure that employees get the education and training they deserve, that funds are spent as intended and that students get the emotional and psychological support they need on their learning journey. We ensure a seamless and unique experience for learners, students, parents, bursars and educators. Our Solutions

Bursary Support Programme

At Fundi, we understand that students need more than academia to succeed. That’s why we offer a support programme that is designed to help students transition successfully from high school through to tertiary – then to the workplace and ultimately to developing their careers.

Fundi’s Bursary Support Programme is geared towards enabling students to successfully complete their studies. We do this by incorporating academic, psycho-social and career development support to ensure a holistic learning and support system.

Bursary Support Solutions

Bursary Fund Management and Value Added Services • Student Mentoring and Support • Cashless technology devices for learners and students.


Cashless Devices: FundiCard

Our innovative, smart card technology is trusted by leading education institutions and over 2 570 retail outlets.

The FundiCard acts like a debit card, but with a controlled pocket system to manage how sponsored funds are spent, providing students with the ideal cashless solution for all their academic needs.

Funds are instantly available to the recipient and can be managed from anywhere at any time. Students are able to pay for tuition, books, accommodation, technology, meals and more. This keeps accounting and reporting simple.

Cashless Devices: FundiPay

FundiPay is a cashless payment solution that gives learners and parents a safe and convenient way to make school-related purchases.

FundiPay provides a safe alternative to carrying cash, by enabling parents or sponsors to transfer money into a learners account, to make payments for school-related items like food, clothing, events, uniforms, fees and more.

Connecting to FundiPay is simple. Parents can allocate funds into a learner’s cash pocket for food, clothing, events or stationery.

School merchants such as tuck-shops and uniform shops can install the FundiPay App on their cellphones. Payment is processed within seconds and is secure.


Student Accommodation Platform

Welcome to the single source for all things student accommodation.
The Fundi Accommodation Platform is designed to simplify the student accommodation journey. Built as a seamless, convenient, digital platform to serve students, institutions and accommodation providers.

Features & Benefits: The platform offers all users real-time accommodation listings, instant access to pricing and quotes, and a nationwide view of student accommodation that is accredited by the relevant institution. Accommodation seekers are given direct access to accommodation providers, whilst providers are afforded the opportunity to list their accredited accommodation on South Africa’s largest student network. Institutions are able to have a real-time view of their student accommodation ecosystem, with real-time reporting.

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