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About Us

For our clients, Stakeholders and Advisory board, an introduction by Giantfuse bears the credibility that our dedication, with fruit of years of uncompromising hard work, demonstrable commitment to the continent and the high mutual respect we enjoy with our investor base – all vital prerequisites of doing business in the continent where personal relationships and trust are valued above all else.

To accomplish our mission, we instil in our staff at every level that every decision they make must be based on our core ethos and that permeating every action must be a sense of unwavering meticulousness and exemplary business conduct.

We are an alternative investment platform that focuses on long-term value within various industries, with the emphasis on maximizing the potential of brands and businesses.

We aiming to invest in the variety of sectors, specializing in both local and international market, providing multi-dimensional analytics and investment strategies for profit and market capitalization in the African continent and abroad:

Our priority is to capture the organic growth opportunities, as these yield the best returns. We will also invest in small to medium sized acquisitions, but only if they are attractive targets that have the right cultural fit and will enhance our portfolio.

Our PE Practice

In today’s hyper-efficient markets, the traditional value-creation levers aren’t good enough. Institutional investor Playbook is changing.

Sibonelo Nkosi,

Growth needs to be a part of that answer.

Giantfuse was set up in 2018, with a clear strategy: To be a hard-working, dedicated and deliberate in delivering our solutions to African Business and economy as a whole.

Our vital prequisites of doing business, is built on personal relationships with our clients and investors, and above all our country, where most of our trust is earned.


We envision the future-
Where there is far more productive and greater wellbeing, and wealth for the next generations.


To Drive portfolio returns by leveraging the power of growth through Innovation.

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