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HR Cartel’s objective is to become the next disruptor within the HR, Project and Management Consultant sectors.

Thanks to our innovative methodologies and processes around HR functionality, Project Management and Management Consulting , we are gearing up our clients towards a more digital way of operating.

Our goal is to disrupt the future of HR and Management Consulting by shaping diverse, equitable and inclusive cultures that drives healthy transformation, innovation and excellence in accordance with South African legislation, by creating excellence in people management and by assisting our clients to succeed and grow within an ever-changing, developing economy.

We thrive on building powerful, problem solving networks and forging lasting relationships that will aid in the elimination of unemployment in South Africa.

Our passion lies in big data, and we are gearing up the role of HR in business today for a thriving HR environment in the 4th Industrial Revolution. We do people best!

• C – connection
• A – accountability
• R – resilience
• T – trust
• E – entrepreneurial
• L – leadership

The word cartel comes from the Italian word “cartello”, which means a “leaf of paper” or “placard”. The Italian word cartello became cartel in Middle French, meaning to “lobby or create an alliance or associations”.

Our business is anchored on a simple philosophy of creating connections. Through establishing working partnerships and living out our values, we are able to deliver solutions which helps to sustain our client’s profitability. We provide our clients with effective human resource, operations and project management services by developing and implementing policies, programs and services that contribute to the attainment of our clients corporate and employee goals.

• HR Management
• Operations Management
• Project Management
• Management Consulting


HR Cartel utilises Black Economic Empowerment as an approach to addresses the imbalance created by the policies of the past. We strive to create equity in the workplace focused at benefiting the disadvantaged group including employees with disabilities.

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