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Who are we

Inkululeko Yesizwe Association is a religious organisation that houses different centers of religions in South African and by extention the African continent, therefore positioning its self as the number one hub for African indigenous Knowledge.

Our Mission

The mission of Inkululeko Yesizwe Association is to enable a dialogue in which its members individually / collectively embrace a common purpose to gradually change the landscape of morale leadership. While promoting universal acceptance and acknowledgement of indigenous churches, Traditional healers, practices and values of Ubuntu in South Africa.


The Association will position itself as the Number one hub for African knowledge in South African and by extension the African Continent.


To unite all the indigenous churches and Traditional leaders of the Republic of South Africa.

  • To protect and promote the ideals and values of the indigenous religion and traditional practices of the members of the Association within Southern Africa.
  • Engage in discussions with the government of the Republic of South Africa for the recognition of the Association and its objectives.
  • To address issues that plague our society and obtain aid from the government of the Republic of South Africa in the resolution of these issues.
  • To act as representatives for our members and the People of the Republic of South Africa and to advocate for their needs.
  • To advocate for the sustenance of the freedom of the association and expression and ensure that the Association’s position as indigenous churches and traditional healers including its beliefs and practices are not regulated by the state or any state organazation in any form or shape.
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