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About LearnMe

LearnMe is a consulting agency that specialises in BBBEE Aligned Skills Training. We provide fully accredited training with the SETA and hold BBBEE Level 1 status with 100% Black Female Ownership and a 135% procurement Recognition level. All training (learnerships, skills programmes and unit standard based training) is strategically aligned to BBBEE.

We offer human resource solutions which includes, but is not limited to: recruitment, payroll outsourcing, performance management, job grading, leave management, employment equity submission, WSP/ATR/PTR submission and other human resource solutions. We specialize in the recruitment and training of able and disabled learnerships and skills programmes. We can also assist you with BBBEE optimisation reports, plans and audit file compilation.


Our Vision

We add value to our clients through the quality of training and the extensive experience of the management team.

We add value to our trainees through the extended life skills and career development programs that we offer.

We add value to our trainers and employees through the sustainability and career development opportunities that we provide.

Our Mission

We provide the highest quality of training in the shortest possible time at the most cost-effective solution in the safest possible environment.

Our Values

Passion is our fuel which drives us to perform our duties with a positive attitude.

Honesty is our map that guides us on the right path in upholding our ethics in decision-making.

Quality and Professionalism is the oil that keeps the engine going to continuously provide an industry leading service.

Compassion, mentorship, fairness and consistency (in dealing with people) are the main drivers that provides a supportive environment to grow and develop people.

Relationships, trust and respect is our destination.

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