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LogiDist Group is a diversified industrial group of companies with operating assets in manufacturing of steel products, logistics and services, health and wellness, defence and engineering, and manufacturing of timber products. Founded in 2006, the company is 100% black-owned, 100% black managed and 100% black controlled. Driven by an ethos built upon competitiveness, professional superiority, responsiveness, consistency, agility, and innovation – LogiDist Group is a strategic leader in identifying value and forging development. Through precision and foresight, we systematically synchronise our fundamental values, resources, and capabilities to effectively affirm ourselves as a sustainable and innovative organisation. The company employs more than 150 people in all its operations in Gauteng, Mpumalanga and KZN.


Mining & Engineering
Resources and commodities form the valuable core of South African industry – Janton Engineering Works is the tried and tested home of Precision Production and Development Engineering for the past 54 years. Janton uses the latest CNC Equipment and Denel rates us as a Preferred Services Provider.

LogiDist Energy and Resources offers an extensive local footprint, reliable network, and proficient expertise in the provision of renewable energy solutions to South African shores.

Agroprocessing & Manufacturing
Our agroprocessing and manufacturing division promotes the expansion of industries, creating and preserving jobs and driving sustainable economic growth. Tseba Tanks and Steel Manufacturing is a company focused on the development and fabrication of underground and aboveground storage tanks.

PalletBiz is a network of wood and metal packaging production units and distribution depots for packaging and handling materials.

Logistics & Services

Logistics & Distribution
From the point of origin to the point of consumption, Circleway Logistics is experienced in the field of cargo handling, construction and transportation, with a readiness to offer comprehensive logistics solutions.
Financial Services
Palucron Financial Services is a company that provides loans and financial services to small businesses that are in need of funding and financial support.
Health & Wellness
LogiDist Health & Wellness is an integrated medical solutions supplier established to provide medical technologies to local and regional health sectors.

Defense & Technology
LogiDist Defense Ventures is an expert provider of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and energy & power technology for commercial & industrial (C&I) markets, as well as military & defence applications. We specialise in the design, development, installation, maintenance, and upgrade of standard or customised ICT and energy systems engineering solutions.

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