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The company was originally started in 2006 as Muma construction company offering only design and build packages to clients. It was founded by Dandy Matamela, a self-starting entrepreneur and an architectural practitioner with a BAS degree in architecture from the University of the Witwatersrand. Dandy is a registered member of the South African Council of Professional Architects (SACAP).Muma construction established itself and became known for its innovative approaches and daring yet aesthetically noticeable designs.

Our first practical innovation was an innovative project of converting a house in Naturena using hydraform (self-stacking bricks that use 30% of cement of conventional bricks and build at 3 times the speed of conventional) worth R100 000 in 2006. Our second innovation the design and construction of a double storey house using ash-bricks (bricks made out of waste ash, yet ten times durable, thermally active and environmental friendly) in Polokwane worth R1.2m in 2007.


Today Muma is part of the BEMORE Group, a group of companies housing the previously independent companies namely:

Muma Construction
Muma Investment
Lavenda Cleaning and Security
Letago Pharmacy

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