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About Naidu Consulting

Naidu Consulting is positioned at the cutting-edge of civil and structural engineering in South Africa.

Established in Durban in 2000, our young, vibrant company has rapidly developed a reputation for setting exceptional industry benchmarks, becoming a respected professional services provider, geared to engineering development and with the capacity to deliver infrastructure and community development across South Africa.

Naidu Consulting was founded with a single-minded vision to create an enterprise wholly owned and managed by historically disadvantaged individuals with the capacity and sustainability to compete in South Africa’s highly competitive and demanding engineering business sector.

The intent was simple; it was to mould Naidu Consulting into a leading provider of quality economic and innovative engineering solutions, renowned for both their social and environmental awareness.

Our ability to attract some of South Africa’s finest engineers, technologists and technicians, in a range of fields, with energy, burning ambition and a passion for innovation has set Naidu Consulting on course to the realisation of this vision.

Setting Naidu Consulting apart in the industry is our determination to constantly push the ingenuity envelope. A high-octane approach to meeting client requirements, extreme flexibility in our business outlook and an intrinsic sense of innovation and creativity – while being cognisant of the need to remain within practical project limits – enables our company to break through the clutter, delivering exceptional business solutions for its clients time after time.

Our Vision

Naidu Consulting will be a leading provider of quality, economic and innovative engineering solutions that will be renowned for social and environmental awareness.


Naidu Consulting will constantly strive to provide professional engineering services promptly and efficiently. We are always mindful of our clients, stakeholders and community needs.

Our Company

The Naidu Consulting team has a passion for delivering top quality, economic and innovative engineering solutions, each with a social and environmental legacy. Through the selective recruitment of high-calibre members of staff, we have rapidly earned a reputation as a leading force in South Africa’s consulting civil and structural engineering services field. Our people are well-qualified, highly skilled and dedicated to creating the perfect solution for all our clients. Our growing and dedicated team of specialists strive constantly to deliver professional engineering services, while remaining ever mindful of the specific needs of clients, communities and stakeholders.

A Company Founded on Empowerment

Naidu Consulting is a hugely experienced, 100%-empowered business enterprise, DEKRA and ISO-accredited Level 1 B-BBEE Contributor. We have long recognised the responsibility private sector businesses have in actively promoting Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) across South Africa. We, accordingly, embrace the B-BBEE ideal in the knowledge that through the establishment of a supportive business culture, we will assist in fostering diversity and promoting transparency, while ensuring the maintenance of a business which effectively and positively caters for the diversity of its staff. In furthering the B-BBEE principle, Naidu Consulting:

· Strives to promote women into management positions;
· Fosters a work environment in which all members of staff are treated with respect and dignity;
· Employs a preferential procurement process designed to promote the utilisation of the services of B-BBEE enterprises;
· Supports the Government’s Growth and Development Strategy and National Development Plan; and
· Commits to working towards the eradication of poverty and an improved quality of life for the people of South Africa.

Making a Difference – Corporate Social Investment

The poverty trap in South Africa is an inescapable reality; a reality which will remain with us for many years to come, despite tremendous public and private sector efforts to impact on poverty alleviation.
Far-reaching, generous and capably implemented private sector Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programmes do much to heal the social ills besetting South African society. As an understanding professional engineering services provider, Naidu Consulting are proud to contribute through its projects meaningfully towards improving the quality of life of socially deprived individuals and communities across South Africa.

Our company has long had in place a Development Fund, through which we activate and support a range of socio-economic initiatives in the belief that our infrastructure development goes hand-in-glove with people development. A dedicated fund is in place that supports development in areas of construction activities owned and run by previously disadvantaged individuals.

Our comprehensive and ongoing CSI programme includes:
· A dedicated bursary scheme for those member’s wishing to further their technical careers in the civil engineering industry;
· A Centre of Excellence which trains in-service engineering students assisting in upskilling the youth in the engineering sector; and
· Assisting local communities through CSI projects aiding the elderly, the sick and the children of South Africa.

In addition, the company’s staff volunteer to actively participate in annual Mandela month activities, keeping alive the legacy of Madiba.


Naidu Consulting has a Commitment and Undertaking with ECSA with several registered mentors within the organisation to guide graduates to professional registration. We understand the need for professional development and appreciate the shortage of registered skilled resources within the industry. Naidu Consulting has developed a mentorship programme to address these challenges with a goal to accelerate professional registration. In addition, the programme is also accessible to client staff who gain experience through their respective client projects.

In line with our philosophy and commitment to engineering development, we have established the Naidu Consulting Academy of Excellence which offers students from all backgrounds the opportunity to gain industry experience whilst developing a strong foundation for their careers.


Naidu Consulting is passionate about making a difference through the many facets of engagement with the community at large. As a people centred organisation, we stretch the limits of innovation thinking in order to impact the lives of the people who are affected by the assets created through our client projects. We think outside the box to create opportunities for empowerment without compromising project budgets or quality. Our passion has been recognised through several Community based project awards including the Zibambele Programme which employs more than 490001 people annually.
1 Quoted number includes work undertaken by both the eThekwini Municipality and the KZN Department of Transport.

Quality Management Systems

Naidu Consulting adheres to best international practice with respect to quality, safety environment and health. A legal register is maintained by Legricon, and the company is currently ISO Accredited by DEKRA for:
• BS OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety;
• ISO 9001 Quality Management,
• ISO 14001 Environmental Management

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