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Omnia, established nearly 70 years ago, is based in South Africa and listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. We operate in 25 countries and are expanding our presence across SADC, North America, Canada, Brazil and Australasia. Internationally recognised for our innovative research and development, we stand apart based on our leading supply chain and manufacturing capabilities and specialised customer solutions. Our solutions and leading-edge technologies are offered to clients in the agriculture, mining, water, consumer care, food and pharmaceutical, coatings and manufacturing sectors.

We are deeply committed to contribute to a better world by delivering innovative solutions essential to life in a circular economy. We protect life by looking after our environment in a responsible manner and are actively investing in shifting to cleaner technologies, bio-solutions and reducing our environmental footprint. We ensure safety in all our operations and support security of food supply, mineral sources, potable water and energy. Our focus is to accelerate learning for jobs of the future, including R&D, biotech and engineering.​ We sustain livelihoods through large scale employment and contribute to economic growth in labour intensive sectors such as mining, agriculture and manufacturing. ​

Omnia Nutriology® offers agriculture producers a partnership in the science of growing from soil, to crop, to harvest and beyond. We strive for agricultural excellence in product quality, customer relationships, modern facilities and the latest technology. Our agriculture division makes and sells granular, liquid, direct application ammonia and speciality fertilizers for farmers, co-operatives and wholesalers throughout South Africa, Southern and East Africa and to select markets in Australasia, Brazil and the USA. The team of Omnia agronomists ensure that fertilizer solutions are tailor-made according to specific soil types and requirements with bespoke nutrient solutions. We also offer a unique range of AgriBio products and value-added services and solutions to improve soil condition, crop health and yields and in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way.

Our BME mining division is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of explosives, related accessories and blasting services for mining and quarrying. We were established in 1984 and joined the Omnia stable in 1987 on the strength of our new cold emulsion technology that is now an industry standard. Today we supply cutting-edge products and services to meet customers’ needs at every stage in the explosives supply chain,

including Mining Chemicals used in processing and recovery plants and a suite of value- added services across the African continent.

Protea Chemicals manufactures and distributes a wide range of specialty, functional and effect chemicals, polymers and other services and solutions. We have supplied a wide range of sectors for over 60 years, impacting almost every aspect of daily life. We are deeply connected to our network of suppliers and customers, offering them expertise, innovative thinking and new opportunities. Our ambition is to add value in everything we do because we genuinely care about our clients, our employees, our service excellence, safety, quality and the environment.

At Omnia, we believe that everything is connected. We nurture life for the present and for the future, touching everything that makes your life easier, every day.

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