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Paragon Architects South Africa (Pty) Ltd Paragon Architects South Africa (Pty.) Ltd. is 51% black South African-owned, and is under effective 100% day-to-day management control by Thulani Sibande as a codirector of the business. Strategic decision-making rests with all shareholders, but day to day operations, human resources, planning and management are the responsibility of Thulani Sibande.

The company is a full-service architectural practice offering a complete range of design, documentation and contract management services across a range of project types. Our work range includes corporate head offices, retail, industrial and residential. Some of our most complex and challenging projects have been building refurbishment projects in the inner city of Johannesburg and surrounds.

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B-BBEE accreditation

PASA raises the architecture bar with Level 1 B-BBEE accreditation

Paragon Architects South Africa (PASA), part of the Paragon Group of architecture and interior architecture companies, has been awarded a Level 1 rating for 2018, in accordance with the Construction Sector Code issued under Section 9(1) of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Act No. 53 of 2003.

The latest accreditation was verified by Siyandisa Verification Services, PASA Director Thulani Sibande confirms. Reviewed on a yearly basis, it reflects PASA’s ongoing transformation and development in the key areas of ownership, skills development, and preferential procurement and supplier development.

“It is going to be a good year. We have never had so many enquiries,” Sibande comments. He attributes the uptick due to an improved political and economic environment, which has resulted in renewed confidence in the South African construction industry in particular.

The Paragon Group, with the assistance of PASA, has been streamlined to take maximum advantage of the current situation, with the latest accreditation playing a major role in positioning itself as a market leader. “This is a major achievement for a company of our size. With some of the larger players struggling to retain traction, we have achieved a critical mass that has allowed our expansion and growth to continue apace,” Sibande elaborates.

The achievement is a reflection of the culture of inclusivity at the Paragon group, which strives continuously to set a new benchmark for the industry and the country as a whole. “It is definitely a team effort. There is no doubt about that. I am very happy we are able to make our own ongoing contribution to meaningful improvement in the lives of the previously-disadvantaged,” Sibande affirms.

For example, the Paragon Group has committed to funding five bursaries for 2018 as part of its skills development programme. It forms part of its larger obligation of contributing a certain percentage of its annual turnover to such initiatives. “Many companies see B-BBEE as an added expense, rather than as a business imperative.”



We as top management believe that Paragon Group has a responsibility to lead by example and recognise that the product of our designs will have a much larger environmental impact than our own operations.

We are aware that expectations and obligations are placed on Paragon Group to contribute to a better quality of life for all by reducing and managing our impact on the environment.

We recognise that through the projects we design and commission we have the ability to inspire the implementation of sustainable principles, thereby influencing long-term decision making and the ability of individuals to make sustainable choices on a daily basis.

We are therefore further committed to apply best practices, initiatives and our professional knowledge in a manner that will reduce and minimise the environmental footprint of the end-product as far as possible within the instruction received from our clients.




We drive the culture of good common-sense design decision making, to lay a positive foundation for good quality decision making. We endeavor to integrate the consideration of environmental concerns and impacts into all our decision making and activities to ensure a sustainable end- product. Paragon Group aims to influence our clients to aim for sustainable options when considering resources. Our membership with the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) and in-house Accredited Professionals assist us to fulfill this role.

We are hereby committed to achieve our objectives by:

  • Reducing carbon emissions.
  • Reducing energy consumption.
  • Reducing demand on raw materials and natural resources.
  • Reducing waste and by-products.
  • Producing sustainable buildings which aim to meet recognised environmental standards.

Operations in the Group

At an operational level, we aim to reduce and minimise the environmental footprint of our operations by implementing these operational measures:

We are committed through our daily operations to:

  • • Reduce carbon emissions. Reduce energy consumption.
  • • Reduce demand on raw materials and natural resources.
  • • Reduce waste and by-products.
  • • Reduce the environmental footprint of our operations Aim to ensure sustainable operations.

We are fully committed to the continual improvement of our organisation’s own management practices and performance.

Paragon Group will communicate this Environmental Policy within the organisation and make it available to interested parties.

We will review our Environmental Policy on an annual basis to reflect changing conditions and to ensure it remains maintained and documented.

Paragon Group comprises three divisions: Paragon Architects, Paragon Interface and Paragon Architects South Africa.



We understand architecture as craft. Our work is driven by true passion for the process of architecture. We embrace technology and all it offers as the enabling connector between architecture and other design disciplines. We invest in technology and in the people who want to master it.

Acknowledged as an innovator and thought leader in commercial architecture in South Africa, Paragon Architects has learnt from Angola since 2002, Brazil since 2003, Uganda since 2005, Rwanda since 2007, Kenya since 2010, and Namibia, Botswana, eSwatini, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Tanzania, DRC, Congo-Brazzaville, Gabon, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Mali, Senegal, Ethiopia and Morocco since 2012.



Paragon Interface is an internationally active space planning and interior architecture business based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We deliver a complete range of corporate workspace designs and implementation services for ambitious and innovative clients. The company has been part of the Paragon Group since 2002, when it was acquired as a going concern from its original owners.

Our completed work includes workplace solutions for major Financial Services clients, such as Barclays Bank, Barclays Capital, ABSA Bank Limited, ABSA Capital, Stanlib, Standard Chartered, Alexander Forbes, Credit Suisse, and ongoing work for major legal practices such as Norton Rose. We have ongoing work from some of the South Africa’s top developers and property funds, and have implemented projects for Total Coal and General Electric. The company has also been part of multi-disciplinary teams undertaking portfolio-wide multi-year space rationalization and consolidation strategies for financial sector clients.



Paragon Architects South Africa (Pty) Ltd is a dynamic and innovative local South African business unit of the Paragon Group of design businesses. The company is a full-service architectural practice offering a complete range of design, documentation and contract management services across a range of project types. Our work ranges from corporate head offices to retail centres, and from leisure projects to industrial projects as well as Local and National Government projects. Some of our most complex and challenging projects have been building refurbishment projects throughout the inner city of Johannesburg and surrounds.

Paragon Architects South Africa (Pty) Ltd has a Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment rating of LEVEL 2 under the Construction Industry Transformation Charter. The company is 51% black South African-owned by Thulani Sibande, who was appointed to this position in November 2012.



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