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SLG is dedicated to addressing the growing needs of their customers regarding efficient energy solutions, and making sure customers are adequately served to meet their business energy needs. A leading supplier of premium quality gas, SLG delivers its gas products (natural gas, methane rich and compressed natural gas) directly from source to factory via an extensive, well-built pipeline network, and by way of Compressed Natural Gas.

Part of the SLG offerings include:
• An environmentally clean and cost efficient energy alternative to conventional forms of energy, such as liquified petroleum gas, coal, heavy fuel Oil, Illuminating paraffin and electricity.
• Product versatility (Cogeneration and supplementary value-added services such as consultations to promote safer use of gas and limit gas wastage).



Mzi Tyhokolo is an accomplished sales and marketing executive with 20 years’ experience in the gas industry, with 14 of those years being at SLG and 6 years at Sasol Gas. Mzi has served as a member of the SLG Executive Team, in charge of various functions in the business for the last 5 years, contributing to the strategic management of the organization and supporting the two previous CEOs in the implementation of strategy of the business. He has a proven track record in organizational strategy development and implementation, business development and sales, managing customer and stakeholder relationships, contract negotiations, implementation of key accounts management strategies, market development, formulating marketing and sales strategies, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) operations management and managing strategic projects.

One of his notable achievements in SLG, was the successful implementation and completion of the CNG project in 2016. Mzi lead the development of the CNG concept, the development of the project to financial close, and subsequently managed the project to completion and commissioning, ultimately becoming the new business’s first General Manager. This is now the largest CNG operation in Southern Africa by volume compressed. A motivated, driven and independent professional with strong relationship management, analytical, negotiation, decision making, problem solving, communication and leadership skills.

His leadership philosophy is firmly grounded on the premise that leaders need to achieve results through others and as such need to focus on developing people to realise their full potential. One of his favourite quotes is from Zig Ziglar which says “ You don’t build business, you build people, and then the people build the business.” That is one of the surest ways to create a sustainable business that had excellence in every aspect, every level and every function and most importantly, can continue to thrive long after its CEO or leader is gone.

His academic qualifications include an MBA degree (UNISA), Chartered Industrial Gas Consultant (GTI, Chicago, USA), Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management (UNISA), BSc Honours (Chemistry), Rhodes University.

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