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Over 3 years ago our journey towards financial inclusion started. An opportunity arose to acquire a licence to operate a cell captive insurer. We took on that challenge and Yard Insurance was born. Today we are South Africa’s only 100% black owned cell captive insurer. Our success in such a difficult market can be attributed to our culture and the great team of people we have. We are a people driven organisation.

In the short term insurance world, cell captive insurers are unique. Unlike traditional short term insurers, cell captive insurers are the enablers/incubators for new ideas and products. They perform an important role in development of new technologies in respect of risk transfer and the creation of bespoke solutions. We deal with underwriting managers, brokers, corporates, government and reinsurers. We look for entrepreneurs who have innovative /unique ideas and are looking for an ability to act as insurer. Ordinarily they would provide their own capital and write under our licence and be entitled to earn all the underwriting profits attributable to their cell. In the normal course of business they would deal with a traditional insurer and not get any profits. We thus become an enabler by introducing more players into the industry.

Self insurance has taken centre stage with corporates. We provide corporates with solutions by developing customised solutions for their insurance needs. With us, they have the ability to transfer risk away from the companies balance sheet and gain access to reinsurance markets. Our expertise in structured insurance programmes gives us this competitive edge.

An organisation’s success or failure lies with its people. It takes a team to win not individuals. We proudly have the skills and resources to develop bespoke solutions for all our clients. We have a deep network of reinsurance companies that give us capacity to play a meaningful role and make a difference. Our strength is our culture.


1st and 3rd party cell captive products


A cell is created by a dedicated class of shares in Yard that an entity can purchase. It is ring-fenced for each cell owner with the subscription, solvency attributable to it to act as insurer is created. Each cell is represented by a separate class of “A” ordinary shares with specified dividend rights. Business Partners subscribe for these shares and the Partner as cell owner is afforded the risk financing and conventional insurance capabilities enjoyed by a licensed insurer.


The cell structure provides the cell owners the ability to underwrite their own risks or those of connected third parties. Each cell is legally and financially watertight to ensure the financial integrity of the proposed programme. The risks written within each cell is limited to the assets accumulated in that cell at any given point in time and additional reinsurance may be required to limit the cell’s exposure to excessive risk. The cell owner has a clear financial incentive to profitably manage the risks covered by the programme.

1st Party Cells Self Insurance

> Business Partner Profile Type

• Corporate
• Fleets
• Manufacturers
• Mines
• Agricultural Risks
• Marine freight
• State owned Enterprises
• Metro’s / Municipalities

> Benefits

• Relatively low set up and admin Costs
• Program Design Flexibility
• Self Insurance of Assets & Uninsurable Risks
• Speed of set up and exit
• Exposures which are difficult to insure
• Finite Risk Programs
• Deductible buy-downs
• Access to local & offshore RI markets – Optimal re insurance solutions
• Greater control of ones Insurance

3rd Party Cell Structure

> Benefits

• Innovative idea and need to benefit from it
• Full control and autonomy in managing your business
• Ability to act as insurer with reduced regulatory and compliance costs
• Ensuring the retention of business and brokers
• Capacity building and access to reinsurance markets
• Full support in respect of data and actuarial modelling
• Scientific and Analytical Approach to business
• ROE on capital invested and significant creation of equity

> Specialist Underwriting Management Agencies

• Engineering
• Guarantees
• Marine
• Liabilities
• Environmental Risks
• Renewable Energy
• Commercial
• Personal Lines

Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups can best be described as a pool of customers who are part of a demographic that can be described as “less risky. We provide solutions for these situations.

• Chain Stores Employees
• Companies with client bases
• Motor Dealerships
• Churches
• Unions
• Publications (Subscribers)
• Digital platforms
• Memberships

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