“A Level 1 B-BBEE accreditation has a positive impact as it supports governmental initiatives for transformation. Economically, it allows companies to improve their business development, client relationships as well as brand awareness, which ultimately leads to companies being positive contributors to the economy.” – Joe Ndala, MD of AECOM South Africa

“B-BBEE is more than just getting the best possible level by ticking off compliance checkboxes to avoid penalties and secure contracts. It’s really about meaningful transformation and providing an opportunity for companies to play a greater role in the overall development of South Africa.” – Renai Moothilal, Executive Director at NAACAM

“Building a globally competitive South Africa requires business leaders and managers to move beyond the current guilt-tax approach to B-BBEE and reconnect with the spirit and intention of the codes of good practice.” – Luvuyo Madasa, Executive Director of ReimagineSA

“Real economic transformation will result in the visible and tangible inclusion of black people in the mainstream economy across all sectors. That, in turn, will mean greater economic growth that will benefit all South Africans.” – Zodwa Ntuli, Commissioner of the B-BBEE Commission