Taryn Steenkamp, educational specialist at Boston City Campus & Business College provides insights on the 5 top trends in education as follows:

Learning with mobility
Learning anyplace and anytime is the new buzz phrase. Online learning can be done anywhere and allows learners to learn in their own time and pace.

Technology-based training
Using technology such as accessing learning material online, engaging with lecturers via platforms such as Skype in order to facilitate the learning process.

Relationship with corporate and industry
An increasing trend for tertiary institutions such as Boston to continuously liaise with industry to make sure graduates meet skills demands, adapting curriculums where necessary. Implementing work orientated modules such as WIL (Workplace learning), included in qualifications where learners gain experience through specified duties in a workplace, giving them the benefit real-time workplace experience.

Lifelong learning
An ever-changing economy and diverse workplace both culturally as well as skills based creates the need for people to continually upgrade their skills in order to improve promotion potential, remain relevant in the workplace and future proof their career.

New skills of 4IR
The Fourth Industrial Revolution is heralding the need for ‘soft skills’ such as analysis and creative thinking and problem solving.