By Koketso Mamabolo

Following the 2022 Top Empowerment Awards, a young CEO posted a video on LinkedIn showing him in a jubilant mood, surrounded by the people he’s built a rising business with. There are smiles and champagne – this is a celebration. The CEO of Analytics Advertising, Talifhani Banks, is taking a moment to celebrate his achievement, which was being named the Top Empowered Entrepreneur of the Year. 

That video is a look into what recognition means to many. It means sharing your story with others, and sharing the opportunities you’ve created in driving transformation. Along with Talifhani, here we’re going to take a look at two other CEOs who were recognised at the 2022 awards: Tshegetsang Sebeela, the CEO of TEG, and Dr Felleng Yende, the CEO of FP&M SETA.


Talifhani Banks – Top Empowered Entrepreneur of the Year

Talifhani Banks

Innovation, finding new paths and exploring the world of data science is what Talifhani is all about. Hailing from Louis Trichardt, he excelled in mathematics and went on to study at the University of Pretoria, where he completed a Bcom Statistics, majoring in Econometrics. He worked for businesses such as Massmart, Pick ‘n Pay and Autozone before he founded Analytics Advertising, a rapidly growing data technology SMME.

“Although I dreamt and visualised this as a goal, and pursued it with confidence, I could still not believe when it happened,” said Talifhani, about his Top Empowerment award. “I was ecstatic and thankful.”

Some of the clients his company has worked with include PPC Africa, Saint Gobain Africa, Transunion Africa, Adapt IT Africa, Yonder, BCX, VW and the Development Bank of Southern Africa.


Tshegetsang Sebeela – Top Empowered Business Leader

Tshegetsang has been an entrepreneur for many years, since she was very young, in fact. 

Her earliest entrepreneurial venture involved indulging people’s love for sugary treats with ice-cream and sweets which she sold in her neighbourhood. It’s no wonder she went on to study Business Management, after which she began a career as a business consultant.

That changed in 2010 when the firm she was working for closed its doors. Tshegetsang had two options, one which could have given her more certainty, and another which involved taking a risk that could lead to almost anything. Either go into the public sector or tap into that entrepreneurial spirit. She chose the route she seems to have been destined for. 

Her career in management consulting was not over, though, as that was exactly what her business, TEG, did. It focuses on corporate and social responsibility, specifically enterprise supplier development solutions. She has also ventured into mining and drilling solutions.


Dr Felleng Yende Top Empowerment Public Sector Leader

Dr Felleng Yende

Before being appointed the CEO of FP&M SETA, Dr Felleng Yende held various senior positions at industry-leading companies. She was the Group Transformation Manager at PwC, before holding the same position at Lafarge South Africa. Dr Yende was then tasked with driving BHP Billiton’s corporate investment strategy as the Head of Transformation – Group Functions. 

Dr Yende serves on the boards of the Vaal University of Technology, People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA) and the South African Furniture Initiative (SAFI). She is the former Executive Director of BHP Billiton Holdings SA and Trustee of the BHP Billiton SA Development Trust. 

Under her leadership, FP&M SETA has seen phenomenal growth and unqualified audits and clean administration. She’s led the drive to work with countries across the continent and has been recognised with multiple awards. A true example of a public sector leader.