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Bulichule is a Global Education Monitoring Management Company that provides Management Services for companies/organizations that advocate education to young adults.  We assist donors/sponsors to search for potential individuals that need education financial support.

Due to lack of monitoring systems that guides young adults into their new education endeavours, Bulichule has developed an education guide that will assist:

  1. The young adult to achieve their academic qualification goals
  2. Expose them to international qualifications.
  3. For the donor to get their returns on their investment

We therefore guarantee 95% through put of graduates from the education system and beyond.


Bulichule is a 100% black female owned and administered company, established in 2006, based in Johannesburg, operating nationally and internationally.

We are structured to deliver new and innovative tailored customer services, in a timely and cost effective manner. Our flat corporate structure enables greater collaboration, accessibility and teamwork that has over 20 years experience in this field.

We add value to our clients’ business by actively promoting business solution to company’s continued growth and success.

Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision:

Our Mission:
“We are a global pipeline strategist that aims at alleviating poverty through education”.

Our Values: 
Integrity; Honesty; Responsibility and Excellence.

Our approach is not to take the process away from the companies but merely adding value by means of visibility and support and ensuring that companies returns on their investments.


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