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The top 4 banks and their empowerment strategies

Nedbank According to Nedbank’s head of communications Esme Arendse, there is still a lot of work to be done with regard to transformation in the sector. She states that management control and employment remain a challenge – especially in relation to the representation...

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Investing in B-BBEE

South Africa’s financial services industry manages an estimated R1.23-trillion of the country’s wealth. According to Mail & Guardian the pace of change in the financial services sector has come into sharper focus as it continues to contribute significantly to the...

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Firing up the Black Industrialist Programme

Government seeks to create at least 100 black industrialists over the next three years. What is the plan for making this a reality? The Black Industrialist Programme (BIP) is a key component of the Department of Trade and Industry’s (dti) Industrial Policy Action Plan...

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The metros’ transformation agenda

The recently-elected mayors of Johannesburg, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth say they are looking to get more value for money for empowerment initiatives by cancelling certain projects and considering reviewing others, while overhauling their supply-chain systems. This,...

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Sea Change – Operation Phakisa

The world’s surface is 71% water. The other 29% faces increasing populations and decreasing resources. No wonder, then, that countries are starting to unlock the socio-economic benefits of aquaculture, marine mining and other ocean-based industries. South Africa,...

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Top 10 richest black South Africans

Cyril Ramaphosa Widely respected as a negotiator and strategist, Cyril Ramaphosa played a significant role, along with Roelf Meyer of the ruling National Party, in the negotiations to bring about the peaceful end to apartheid. Born: 17 November 1952 Nationality: South...

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B-BBEE and the Sector Codes

Sector Charter Councils had until 15 November 2015 to submit aligned Sector Codes for approval to Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr Rob Davies. The amended codes specify that businesses will be measured in terms of specific sector occupied by Broad-codes. However,...

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An interview with Mzukisi Mbane

Mzukisi Mbane, self-taught designer who used his seamstress mother’s sewing machine much as an artist would use a paintbrush, was inspired by his fashionista grandmother from an early age. Growing up in Khayelitsha, he qualified as an accountant – but that is not...

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Dr Mathews Phosa on the importance of education

Education is the most important tool we can use if we want to transform South Africa politically and economically, says former ANC treasurer general Advocate Mathews Phosa. In a wide-ranging interview at his office in Bryanston, Phosa, who is now a successful businessman, said that education was the best form of empowerment.

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Empowerment Pioneer – Nthato Motlana

On 30 November 2008 Dr Nthato Motlana passed away at the age of 83; an astute businessman, committed political activist, incisive academic, and untiring philanthropist, he had been a key figure in the politics of Johannesburg for over 60 years and continues to be an...

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Empowerment Pioneer – Herman Mashaba

The closure in 1980 of the University of the North for two months due to political unrest marked a turning point in Herman Mashaba’s life. In his second year of a B. Admin, the young Mashaba decided not to return when the university re-opened and instead worked for...

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