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Analytics Advertising was first established in 2017 as an IT consulting firm focusing on providing business strategies and digital analytics for different companies.

In 2020 when Covid-19 pandemic started, most businesses were struggling to connect with their customers. And that is where we saw the opportunity to expand our solutions to help companies transform to digitalisation and by providing them with data analytics and customised-software development solutions such as CRM systems, rewards programs and e-commerce websites.

Today Analytics Advertising is a 5x award winning Data Technology company and a digital transformation partner for large and emerging enterprises with the aim of providing innovative and tailor-made solutions to help clients make informed data-driven decisions.

Our Solutions
Our solutions are a combination of Data science, software developement, management consulting and market research. We specialise in the industries of Manufacturing, Retail, Transportation, Education and Telecomunications. We are currently operating in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Kenya. Our clients are big companies such as PPC Africa, TransUnion, Saint Gobain, Adapt IT , VW, MTN any many more.

Our team
Our team is made up of young professionals from Engineering, Data Science, Acturial, Finance and Brand Managers who are passionate about bringing change and innovative solutions. our mission is to provide tailor-made and innovative solutions to help clients make smarter and informed data-driven solutions.

Our vision is to be recognised across African continent and as well penetrate the global market as a data technology company and a leading provider of innovative solutions.

Business Values
• Innovation – innovation is at the heart of our business, we strive to continuously come up with creative and innovative solutions to our clients’ business challenges.
• Integrity and diversity – a culture that provides trusted and diverse solutions.
• Passion and empowerment – We believe that passion is what got us where we are today and we aim to empower our team members follow their dreams and better their lives.
• Availability – we are agile and we aim to provide daily 18 hours availability for all data technology solutions.
• Natural creativity – To tell data stories that are connected to human nature and cultures.

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Address :

44 Richards Dr, Halfway House, Midrand, 1685 South Africa

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