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Who we are: : IPM is the onsite project management leader for a broad range of industries. Led by founder and CEO Zwannda Ramadwa , IPM has pioneered the field’s best practices for over 10 years and has served more than 40 clients nationally , from government projects to start-ups.

What we do: IPM helps you meet critical goals that impact your bottom line. For example, we’ve compressed project timelines by as much as 50%; streamlined operations to generate millions of Rands in cost savings; and salvaged strategic alliances on the brink of collapse.

Our people: IPM’s highly skilled professionals work alongside you throughout the course of your project. We blend as teammates into your organization, while bringing expertise, discipline, and leadership to the challenge at hand. With extensive project management experience, our staff offers broad operations backgrounds from numerous industries. Most are certified by the Project Management Institute and Project Management of South Africa.

Services offered

1. Technical Consulting
2. Design
3. Engineering
4. Construction
5. Project Controls
6. Sustainability


Specialized Project Industries

IPMS is a broad-based Intergrated Project Management which is utilized to a wide spectrum of industries.

Project Industries which utilize our services include:

– Engineering
– Construction
– Retail & Transport
– Manufacturing
– Government Municipalities
– Parastatals
– Telecoms
– IT
– Bank & Finance (commercial)

Regardless of the industry, IPMS will add value to your project by providing a powerful framework for delivery, quickly and efficiently.

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