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Our Business

The Sea Harvest Group is a leading, internationally recognised fishing and food business with operations in South Africa and Australia, servicing retail and foodservice customers in 22 countries.

Established in 1964 in Saldanha Bay on the Atlantic West Coast of South Africa by Spanish-owned company, Pescanova, who joined forces with Southern Sea Fishing Enterprises and Imperial Cold Storage (ICS). Today, Sea Harvest has become a household brand and market leader in the fish category. Sea Harvest Corporation is a Level 2 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) contributor and one of the largest empowered companies in its sector. The majority shareholder is Brimstone Investment Corporation Limited, while the other shareholders are Sea Harvest management and staff. Brimstone Investments, a black owned Cape-based investment consortium, first invested in Sea Harvest in 1998 and acquired control in 2009.

The principal business is the fishing of Cape Hake and Shark Bay prawns, processing of the catch into frozen and chilled seafood, and the marketing of these products, locally and internationally. Sea Harvest owns and operates a fleet of 18 vessels which include single and twin fresh fish trawlers, factory freezer trawlers, and access to in-shore trawlers which catch and process Cape Hake, as well as other by-catch species such as kingklip and monk. In Australia, the Group has a further 11 prawn vessels through its subsidiary Mareterram which catch and process prawns, scallops, crabs and related by-catch species. Sea Harvest’s fresh fish processing plants in Saldanha and Mossel Bay are built on deep-water quays. This enables the trawlers to tie up alongside and speedily off-load into the factory, essentially becoming part of the production line. Sea Harvest processes and packs over 100 products for the local and international markets between its factory freezer vessels, and its two processing facilities in Saldanha Bay and Mossel Bay.

The Sea Harvest Group is a leading, internationally recognised fishing and food business with  operations in South Africa and Australia, servicing retail and foodservice customers in 22 countries.

The organic, wild-caught hake and prawn products are complemented by a wide range of by-catch and agency products. The Group distributes its diverse range of chilled and frozen food products through an extensive and highly sophisticated distribution network that grants it access to a complete cross-section of international and local customers. Sea Harvest Corporation’s retail products are distributed to all the major local supermarket chains in South Africa and can be bought in more than 2,000 stores countrywide. Moreover, the company supplies products to 22 different countries, including countries within the EU, North America and Australia. The company is also one of South Africa’s leading importers and distributors of frozen seafood to the catering and hospitality industry. Sea Harvest markets its own brand of Cape Hake products and has been partnering with leading international brands and retailers since its inception in 1964.

The Group’s business platform spans the value chain from trawling to sales (“sea to shelf”) and integrates key value-added support services, such as quality control, logistics and supply chain management.


The Group’s primary species are Cape Hake from South Africa and Shark Bay king and tiger prawns from Western Australia. These are premium wild caught species that have become highly sought-after in local and international markets.

The fleet consists of a total of 29 vessels of which 18 operate in South Africa and 11 in Western Australia. The Sea Harvest fleet, operating out of Saldanha Bay on the West coast of South Africa, consists of 4 factory freezer trawlers and 8 fresh fish trawlers. Through an exclusive arrangement with SeaVuna, Sea Harvest also has access to SeaVuna’s fleet of 4 deep-sea trawlers and 2 in-shore trawlers that operate out of Mossel Bay on the Southern Cape coast of South Africa. The Mareterram fleet, operating out of Carnarvon, Western Australia, consists of 11 prawn freezer trawlers.


What we stand for

Our Vision:

To be a leading and responsible diversified global seafood company.

Our Mission:

To responsibly harvest and add value to natural marine resources, in order to exceed customer expectations, whilst providing sustainable employment and positively impacting the communities and stakeholders we serve.

Our People:

Our people are our most valuable asset and Sea Harvest strives to establish a pleasant and motivating work environment where employees are respected and treated fairly. Sea Harvest promotes and rewards dedication and high performance from its more than 2500 employees through the Heroes of the Sea programme. The award criteria are linked to the company’s five anchors to ensure that it becomes a fabric through the organisation and contributes to the realisation of a cohesive family that promotes individual growth and service delivery of the highest quality.




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