In your view, what can be done to accelerate the pace of transformation in South Africa?
Firstly, everyone needs to know the roadmap. Our Constitution is a bridge between our terrible and painful past and the South Africa of our dreams. But like all bridges, everyone has to walk across them from where they are to where they need to be. For you to walk it, you need to know where to find that bridge. The average person in South Africa has never read the Constitution.

What else needs to happen in order to accelerate transformation?
The behaviour and conduct of those who are elected into power must be in line with our Constitution. It is extremely important that when we select leaders, we really select the least selfish, the most administratively competent and the most trustworthy and ethical among us.

Accelerating transformation is also about humanising the “other”, isn’t it?
Correct. We need to heal the divisions of the past. We all came from a terribly divided society. There needs to be a process of breaking down the walls. The process is two-fold though. For example, when we talk about the value of human dignity and kindness, often people think that they only have to be kind to people like themselves. So they think it’s okay to be rude to strangers, or those with a different gender or race. We need to humanise the “other” – it’s part of the healing process. We also need to do something about extreme inequality and poverty. Government can contribute, but civil society needs to play its part as well.

What advice do you have for the young minds of South Africa?
Life is a shared space. We have to find a way for all of us to thrive together and mitigate the things that divide us.

Your biggest wish for South Africa?
Peace, prosperity and friendship.